Top 10 Fit2Go Tour 2012 standings

1. Who’s Smokin Now   112 pts

2. Left Coast Q             106 pts

3. All Hogs go to Heaven 99 pts

4. All Sauced Up*           98 pts

5. Burnin and Lootin        96 pts

6. When Pigs Fly            77 pts

7. The Pit Crew               73 pts

8. Knock Ur Sox Off        69 pts

9. Ridge Route Boys       42 pts

10. Smokaholics             37 pts

Interesting start to the year after two contests Knotts 1/1/12 and Wildomar 4/7/12 things are tight for supremacy… Remember winner of the tour gets $1,000, entry into all Fit2go BBQ Events for 2013, Trophy to keep and Tour Cup which is permanently displayed in Wildomar’s City Hall with all the past winners. For those of you who want to know how the tour scoring works, Click HERE for the 2012 rules.